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Broken Toyshop

Web Development

We supply consultancy, bespoke software design, development and hosting services to those looking to make an improvement in any area of their business.

Cloud-based & Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a hosted software application that allows users access via a thin client such as a web browser.   No functionality is required on the client machine as the system and all of it's content resides on a central server.    The advantages of this model are significant and numerous and as such it is now the most common approach to software development and the preferred model for development here at Broken Toyshop.

Bespoke Applications

When choosing your business management system, why pay for functionality you don't need and place your business in a position where it has no control over how your management system evolves?   Each business is different. To get the most efficient IT solution use bespoke software that develops in line as your business grows.   Contact us for a free initial consult

Web Design & Development

Whether you are looking for a simple static web site or a fully featured e-commerce web site that allows you to maximise your digital marketing strategy, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the solution you need.

App Development

The mobile revolution is here! Smart phone, tablet, 'phablet', iOS, Android.

Business Applications for Mobility

Today's mobile devices represent a fantastic opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your mobile staff.   Mobile staff management systems offer many great benefits such as allowing your business to respond rapidly to events as they occur in real time.   Contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help your business.

Responsive Web Sites

As the use of mobile devices to access the internet becomes increasingly common, it is vital that your web site delivers a consistent experience across all of the mobile platforms available today and into the future.   Responsive web sites offer the most cost effective way to achieve this.   This web site is responsive, resize your web browser window to see how this works.

Tablet and Smart-Phone Development

Whatever your preferred route, native apps, hybrid apps or responsive web apps on iOS or Android.  If you are looking to deliver a solution tailored to mobile devices, we can help you achieve your objectives.


Integration systems allow us to bridge the gaps between your IT systems offering savings by preventing duplication of effort, increasing efficiency and improvements in management reporting.

Online Payment Integration

Adding on-line payments is a critical evolutionary step in the life of your web site.   We will help you choose the best payment provider for your needs and integrate them into your existing site.

Integration to Existing Systems

As the number of disparate IT systems continues to increase, integration between them becomes increasingly important.   Unfortunately the majority of these systems are only able to share data in a limited way.   Integrating these systems allows you to reduce operational costs and streamline business processes.   Get in touch to learn more.

Stock Market Integration

Whether you need access to a whole exchange or individual symbols, our extensive experience integrating with stock markets and large dataset management makes us an ideal choice.

Optical Character Recognition Integration

Optical Character Recognition is now a widely understood term, however many people incorrectly believe that the technology is still too expensive and difficult to integrate into their systems.   We can integrate OCR into your existing site, upload a picture of the document and get a near instant digital version. Interested? Get in touch


The ideal processes for software development are well established and well documented but represent something of a utopian ideal.  In the real world it's rare that the budget exists to develop software in this way until your business reaches a certain size.  Although we always prefer to develop according to established processes, our many years of application development experience allow us to quickly ascertain your intentions based on a partial brief reducing the cost of the analysis phase and allowing us to produce your tailored solution within your available budget.

Analysis & Consultation

Our consultants will help you gain a clear understanding of how your requirements will become a high quality digital application as well as understanding the returns on your investment in terms of efficiency where business processes are becoming automated.   We take into account your future plans for both the business and the application allowing us to future-proof your application from the start and are more than happy to produce a complete technical manual in advance of development painting a crystal clear picture of what you can expect to be delivered.

Solution Design & Architecture

Good design is the foundation of good software and starts with the data model. Before a line of code is typed we create a complete data map of your application.  This approach reduces the number of surprises that can occur moving forward and significantly reduces the risk of costly redevelopment of parts of your application as it evolves in line with your business.

Coding & Implementation

Our preferred delivery platform is the industry standard, enterprise level PHP Zend Framework along with the Apache web server and the MySQL relational database engine.   This combination when used correctly delivers high levels of quality, scalability and security as well as a very modular application allowing development to expand in any direction as your business expands.

Testing & Quality Assurance

On time and in budget is not enough, our dedicated testers ensure that every project is delivered to the highest quality.   We use a range of techniques and processes in our quality assurance both during development via unit testing and pre-launch with dedicated end-to-end application testing.

Deployment & Configuration

Our deployment team will guide you through every step of the transition between your existing processes and their digital improvements and provide training to your staff where required.  We continue to monitor your systems and provide ongoing support through maintenance agreements tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

Benefits of Bespoke Development

If at work you've ever said to yourself "There must be a better way of doing this!" then chances are you've identified a step in a process that bespoke software can fill.  Off the shelf packages are great when you want to digitise a widely used generic process.   In the real world, every business develops it's own unique processes and then has to change them all to fit their IT software because ultimately it wasn't designed for their business, they are one size fits all solutions.  This is frustrating for both management and staff especially when there is nothing wrong with the manual business process they may have been using for years!

Why change your processes to fit your software when you can have software that fits your processes?


Your business management solution is a serious investment and needs to serve your business not only today but also into the future.   Our development processes ensure an industry standard, modular solution allowing your system to evolve in line with the evolution of the business itself.   By comparison, a one size fits all product means you are restricted when it comes time to expand your system to suit some new business activity or you perhaps find that your initial solution was incapable of coping with some sudden success forcing a rethink on your IT strategy moving forward.   Bespoke software offers more flexibility than any other solution you might choose.

Manage Your Data Centrally

Many businesses use paper and spreadsheets to manage information which is highly inefficient and allows for no coherent view of all of the data for your business.   We will design a fully relational, scalable database in which all of your business information can be stored allowing us to develop excellent management reporting to put your real-time information, trends and key performance indicators right at your fingertips.

Web based Access

The Internet provides an ideal platform for allowing secure access to your data from any location and on any device, all that's required on the device is a web browser and an Internet connection.  Concerned about security? Using the Internet as a platform allows multiple levels of security to ensure that your data is always protected.


Good management reporting is often an overlooked requirement but vitally important to your business decisions.   Our real-time management reporting dashboards allow you to make informed decisions utilising all of the business information presented in a way that best suits your needs.

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications allow pro-active action on risks and opportunities by sending an email or text message to key stake-holders immediately.

Automate Trivial Tasks

Every job has those mundane repetitive tasks that need to be done and often they can be either replaced or at least eased by digitising the process, these processes often are too specific to be captured by a generic, off the shelf system.  The benefits are easy to see, improved productivity and more time for more important business activities.

Simplify Complex Tasks

Many processes are simply too complicated to be fully digitised, that doesn't mean that there is no scope for the task to be simplified by partly digitising the process.  The collation and filtering of information from multiple sources in order to present a coherent view of the data on which human decisions can be made can be hugely beneficial to your business.

Improve Work Flows

The more digitised your work flows become, the more accurate they become as the possibility of human error is removed.   This is best delivered using custom software that is designed specifically for your business processes.   Duplications, inconsistencies and human error can be eliminated from your business with our business automation solutions.   Your business decisions are made on the data available to you, that data needs to be accurate, coherent and accessible.

Increase the Value of your Company

A strong business software infrastructure is highly attractive to potential investors and purchasers as it reduces the reliance on the founders and management team.   Bespoke automation software can increase transparency and reduce risk in many aspects of your business.   If you are giving thought to your exit strategy, bespoke automation software can help increase the value of your offering and maximise the return on your investment.