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Broken Toyshop

Project Feasibility Evaluation

If you've identified a potential software solution concept for a complex aspect of your business and are wondering whether it is feasible and will yield a return on the investment, then we can help.
We have designed and delivered hundreds of advanced modules and sub-systems for all sizes of business and all sorts of industries.
Get in touch today to discuss the practicality of your potential solution.

Project Rescue

Choosing a development resource for your project doesn't always turn out as planned. If your development has stalled due to complexity or abandonment or development costs are spiralling and you're starting to wonder whether it will ever get done, then have a chat with us. In many cases we can take over a project and finish it for a fixed price and most importantly, hit the deadlines whilst maintaining the quality.

Integration Advice

As more and more systems move from the enterprise to the cloud, the need for integration advice increases. Our consultants boast a minimum of 20 years of IT experience and as such have dealt with a very broad range of integration scenarios and have something of a reputation for being able to think laterally and help clients understand their own integration problems that much more clearly.
Find out how we can help your business today.

Technical Manuals

Technical manuals for management systems is an area often overlooked. Whether it's a paper based manual or digitally integrated into your solution contextually, technical manuals can reduce training costs on an ongoing basis especially if you have high levels of turnover in your staff team.